Facebook, making family relationships even more of a cluster-fuck since 2004. You find out things you didn’t want to know about me, and I find out things about you that I could have lived the rest of my life without knowing. See, we have this whole strange societal situation where anything that may be viewed as detrimental or taboo is considered ever so terrible, but a lot of people act in those ways, be those things, say those words in other settings and with certain people.

Kids pretend their parents/relatives don’t do things and act appalled when they do. Parents pretend that their children don’t do “unsavory” things and try to say you are pulling their leg when you say you have done said ‘thing.’ Then they each go do those activities when they are not around each other. No wonder why I feel like I need to have split personalities. Who is the real you? The you that you are with your friends ( that you change as well depending on the friend), the way you are at work, or the way you are with your family?

All are so different. At times relations are ridiculously formal or rigid. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have connections with others that are so close to us (and they may not be family) that they literally feel like a part of our being (or if you are a little more spiritual like me, your soul).

There may be a lot of people like this in someone’s life or only a few. But I believe we should consider why that is. Maybe we should break the rules a little bit. Show people our real self, and perhaps they will show us their real self too. We might feel weird about showing our skinned knees first, but if they reveal theirs also, then we probably wouldn’t feel so odd about it all the time. Maybe we could actually connect with each other and not feel pressured to have all these alternative selves.


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