Meme Dump Because Mood Switch™




Going through hard/traumatic shit? Cool as a cucumber. Drop my pencil or spill a glass of juice? Freak the fuck out.





Ha, when I started this whole process my dad was like “I never knew.”  Alright, Pops, repaint that stupid spelling bee trophy I have into a mental illness hiding Oscar. I feel like the Leonardo Dicaprio of Bipolar Disorder…


Or in my case: Oh let’s try this anti-nightmare med that was initially used for high blood pressure. Oh? Your blood pressure already ran on the lower end of normal? Let’s try it anyway and have you pass out, slam your chin on the floor, and throw up. Sounds great!
I have had every single one of these. I feel attacked. But as a side note, I love those Gerber baby snack pack things though. I would also add ramen that isn’t quite cooked all the way through to the list.
Or Being Depressed Super Marvelously. Not gonna half-ass this shit.
This is me pretty much on the daily. I’ve had these thoughts for such a long time that it’s like thinking about what I had for breakfast or if I should do the laundry today. Disturbing? Yes. But not for me, for everyone else. Sorry guys 😛
If someone says this I automatically go “Oh, I’m just tired!” and then immediately perk up and they eat that freaking act right up. Ugh, I hate them all.
Rose is guilty as charged for this lmao. Naturally, it is a scary thing for your non-depressed friends and family to deal with. Believe it or not folks, it’s not healthy human nature to want to die on a regular basis. 
I remember one time Dante and I were in the car and I was singing some 10 Years and playing it pretty loudly. He asked, “Why do you listen to such sad music all the time?” Because when I am really in the dumps, happy music makes it just seem like the world is laughing at my emptiness. Haha! Look at you being sad and shit while we roll around in money and look absolutely perfect all the time!


Or your ex-boyfriend. Or you asking this to your mom because that was just a regular thing back in the day. You know, the whole mom takes a bath and cries because everything is shit and so you knock on the door, and she says she’s okay, which you then internalize and pretend everything is fine and end up having several suicidal crises. Totally normal. 
The fun part about being bipolar is that you never know when it’s going to switch on you. On my worst days, my mood sometimes shifts every couple of hours. depressedWIREDdepressedWIREDdepressedWIREDdepressedWIREDdepressedWIRED              FUCK
I’ll be honest, after being a server, I have trouble eating in restaurants where there is serving staff. I can’t help but obsessively watch them try not to freak out and keep up. Pretty triggering. When they get to me, I try to keep it as simple as possible. A lot of the time I just want to grab them and say, “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF?!”


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