So What Is Team Banana Phone?

Well, I’ve been making posts for a little while now, so I suppose I should explain how Team Banana Phone came to be. It’s a pretty new thing actually. During my time inpatient, I met some pretty kickass and funny people. We had to pretty much come up with our own entertainment because we were allowed very few things as a safety precaution. They were concerned about us you know killing ourselves with floss or stabbing each other with pencils. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really think I’m too much of a John Wick type.

Anyways since we couldn’t have much and I wasn’t interested in watching reality shows on TV, we sat around and talked quite a bit. Naturally, we couldn’t have our cell phones and had to use ones that kind of looked like payphones. It was super prison style. I was hoping they were going to have two-way glass so I could crank up the drama even more, but sadly no.

Somehow the group and I started making jokes about calling people or talking to people on our “banana phones.” We were off and running from that point. Eventually, we started asking for sharpies so we could draw little number pads and speakers on the bananas. Every time a new patient would come in we would pretend to talk on our banana phones to freak the newbies out. It worked quite a bit, but once they realized we were joking, they were happy to be in on the joke. Imagine like five-six people milling around in their pajamas with no makeup on, and kinda messy hair talking on a banana. Some of us got really into it and were having full fake conversations on these things. It was hilarious, and I’m sure the nurses and psych-techs were considering never having bananas on unit ever again.

All of the friends I have from my time at the hospital are listed in my phone under Team Banana Phone. It’s a unique group and one that really can identify with each other. We all came in feeling most of the time suicidal, broken, and alone, but we were able to make precious friendships over just a few days. We had the best laughs and the hardest cries of our lives thus far during our time there. If you are hurting, just know that myself and everyone on Team Banana are right there with you. You aren’t alone even if sometimes it seriously feels like it.

Besides the banana phone, our symbol is also the semicolon.



I am hoping this year to get some tattoos. One of my first will be the semicolon on my wrist. It will be a daily reminder that I will stay and fight my illness. Some days, weeks, maybe even months will be hard, but I plan to stay here because I feel I have so much left to do, and so do you, the lovely individual reading this. You, along with myself, and everyone else in the world are made from the atoms of stars that were cast out into the universe long ago.

So what are we going to do with our borrowed stardust? The answer lies within ourselves, not with the world, not with our parents, not even with our friends. Only we can bring meaning to our lives. It isn’t found, it is made, and we are the creators. Creation is hard, ask any type of artist. But when they finish after all of the blood, sweat, and tears, they often times stand back and marvel at what they made.

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