Update…Finally! Air Travel, etc.

So, yeah I haven’t posted in quite a while. But I’m back! Yay! Made it out to my brother’s house. Yesterday was pretty darn crazy. I got up and had to run to the store to get some shampoo and such, then get some gas, drop my car off at the carpool lot for my friend to watch, and then get to the airport. Of course, it decided to snow the night before, so the flats I was wearing got soaked because they have holes. I wore my slippers while going through the airport and to my brother’s home. I don’t really think anyone gave a crap thankfully.

Yesterday’s breakfast consisted of a donut, a Slim Jim, and a health smoothie type drink to tell myself I wasn’t being completely unhealthy. Whatever I need to tell myself, right? I was so happy a Lyft was able to come get me from the parking lot, because it was pretty far outside of town. The Lyft tabs were the most expensive part of yesterday and I was cringing the entire time, but I had to do it.

I got to the airport and of course Allegiant was not open for service yet, so I sat behind a family in line. There was this incredibly annoying teen girl in front of me and I kind of wanted to shove my empty smoothie bottle down her throat. It was one of those kinds of people that I was thinking to myself, Oh God I wish you would just shut up for the rest of eternity. Going through security actually wasn’t too bad. This time around for flying I didn’t have my ex with me, so it was much less stressful. He was always terrible to go shopping with or do things like go to the airport with. So high stress and constantly rushing. He always felt like things were wasting his time. Just chill, man. We are all on a giant rock going around a fireball. None of our little rat race shit actually matters.

Getting on the plane was also fine, but I had gas for the entire four-hour flight. You try holding a fart for four hours and get back to me because I was not able to do it, but thankfully I was lucky and they didn’t stink up the place. I strategically did not eat Taco Bell breakfast to try and ensure I would not have farts from hell on the airplane. It mildly worked in my favor. I got lucky and had the middle seat, but I had two skinny people on each side, so it was ok. Somehow I ended up with bleacher ass from the airplane seats.

Overall, not too bad. Flying out here last time was much worse. I’m hoping I will get some good relaxation out here so I can drag my ass back to the midwest and get myself some sort of job that will probably end up being cleaning of some sort. Yay for crippling anxiety!

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