Climbing Mountains and Jobs

It’s been pretty low key lately minus the stress of finding a job back home. The first company I applied to said they were interested in giving me an interview though. I’ll get a call sometime next week because they are on vacation this week. It’s a house cleaning job which is perfectly fine with me. I would be paid more to clean houses than I was as a teller handling large amounts of cash and sensitive information. That still just blows my mind. It was probably a blessing in disguise to have to leave the bank. Too much stress for not enough pay. Not suitable for my wallet or my mental health.

I’ve been having a lot of similar type nightmares lately about being back in college and failing almost every course I am taking. In the most recent rendition, in the dream, I had just gotten back from a breakdown. I discovered I was failing most of my classes. To save my GPA, I had to get to the office on the main campus to drop the classes I was failing. The issue was that for some reason the campuses were about two hundred miles away from each other, so I was racing to get there. Absolutely ridiculous.

On the inside, I guess I feel like I am failing. I don’t have a job yet (but I have someone already who is interested), and we don’t have a place to live (which kind of hinges on me having work lined up first). I’ve been trying to just not think about it. Everything will work out somehow. To distract myself I’ve been teaching myself piano, doing art stuff, and usually going outside. I’ve stayed in for a few days though because I got a pretty severe sunburn. I should go out again today after the sun is getting ready to set.

I went hiking with my family last weekend. Some of the pictures I got of the mountains are on my Instagram. One thing that I forgot about before I came here was that I have a bit of vertigo, so some of the climbing was a bit terrifying. It felt good to be able to get to the waterfall. Got a pretty intense sunburn though. That’s Vegas for ya. It’s nice to have the beautiful weather here though. Back home they seem to be getting an endless amount of snow. That definitely would not be helpful for me right now.

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