New job!

I just did my physical for the community support aide position today. Of course, since my car took a shit downstate, I’ve been riding my bike around town. I was a bit sweaty when I got to the occupational health office but luckily they didn’t seem to care. There was a lot of paperwork to fill out and I had to disclose the bipolar and everything else. I felt really awkward, but when the doctor went over it with me he just asked if I was doing well with it and I said yes. Easy.

Did the piss test which was super awkward. I’ve done pee tests for medical stuff, but have never done a drug test, so I wasn’t really sure how it was going to go. It was easy enough. I also had the TB test injection and we’ll see the results of that test on Friday. Almost there! I am ready to start training and working so I can save up for a car and then save up for a place so I can give my mom her bedroom back. She seems happy enough to have me though, which is nice. Her drinking is a bit of a stress, but there is nothing I can do about that.

I also started my Youtube channel this week. I’ve been wanting to do stuff on Youtube for years, but I just never really had the motivation to do it. I am mostly using my channel for doing vlogs right now, but I do want to get into maybe some more creative and funny things once I get a feel for it. I, of course, have a lot of experience with photography, but videography is new territory for me. I am excited to explore the medium though, and maybe learn more about myself in the process.

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