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Returning to my Hometown

It amazing how things can be so crazy even when you don't go outside of your brother's house or neighborhood for days and days at a time. Rose and I are not going to live together. Things just got too fucky. Had I already had housing back in my city, maybe it could have worked [...]


I have said a lot that this medication has been working for me, but on and off I have been a bit unsure. I know medicine will never be perfect, but it's a little unnerving to sometimes just not feel anything. I always felt something before I got on this mood stabilizer of course. I [...]

Thumb Twiddling/Knee Bouncing

Well if you've looked at my Instagram feed recently, I have been cat sitting for my friends while they went for a short trip overseas. I've been staying with them for a while now. It has been pretty alright, but I think I am ready to fly out to Charles and fam. Only a little [...]