Flying home soon

Going to be flying back to Michigan on Friday. I will be staying at a motel for a couple of nights and packing up/donating a lot of my things on Saturday from the house. Then Sunday I will make the 8-hour drive home. Honestly, I never thought I would have to come back home and [...]

Brain Dump

So many changes in plans since I last wrote on this blog. I was going to try and hop in with one of my friends, but the housing arrangement fell through. Now she's going to try and buy a house. Her dad agreed to co-sign, but I'll be flying back to the Midwest next month, [...]

Returning to my Hometown

It amazing how things can be so crazy even when you don't go outside of your brother's house or neighborhood for days and days at a time. Rose and I are not going to live together. Things just got too fucky. Had I already had housing back in my city, maybe it could have worked [...]

Thumb Twiddling/Knee Bouncing

Well if you've looked at my Instagram feed recently, I have been cat sitting for my friends while they went for a short trip overseas. I've been staying with them for a while now. It has been pretty alright, but I think I am ready to fly out to Charles and fam. Only a little [...]


So, I know I've said this about my meds like a billion times before, but I think they are working. I hope they keep working. I know people with bipolar are more likely to go off their medications when they feel better, and that still blows my mind. It's been quite the three months for [...]

Have I H​it The Bottom Yet?

The answer is probably no, but one can hope. From January first until right this moment I have dealt with the aftermath of a thankfully not fatal car crash, went inpatient at a mental health hospital in response to a suicidal crisis, broke up with my boyfriend, moved out and began couch surfing, had an [...]