Returning to my Hometown

It amazing how things can be so crazy even when you don't go outside of your brother's house or neighborhood for days and days at a time. Rose and I are not going to live together. Things just got too fucky. Had I already had housing back in my city, maybe it could have worked [...]


So, I know I've said this about my meds like a billion times before, but I think they are working. I hope they keep working. I know people with bipolar are more likely to go off their medications when they feel better, and that still blows my mind. It's been quite the three months for [...]

Throwback Time!

Honestly, depression has been making it really hard to do much of anything lately. That also includes doing my blog, so I'm going to do something a bit easier today. Let's go back in time to the mid-2000s. Around this time I was 13-14 years old and starting to leave the realms of pop and [...]

Have I H​it The Bottom Yet?

The answer is probably no, but one can hope. From January first until right this moment I have dealt with the aftermath of a thankfully not fatal car crash, went inpatient at a mental health hospital in response to a suicidal crisis, broke up with my boyfriend, moved out and began couch surfing, had an [...]

Grasping Smoke

So today I was late for my therapy appointment. So that was great. Then something to do with my transmission busted and fluid leaked all over the ground. Of course I didn't notice that until after my therapy appointment. So there I was thinking great, my stupid car is broken and so is my brain. [...]

Letters To Those I Love

I've got a lot of letters to write. One to Mom, Dad, my boss, and to Kenny. I want to tell them how I really feel and how they've affected me throughout my life. In the case of my boss, I want to say to her exactly what is wrong and why I have to [...]

Hypomania Vol. 1

Oh good old hypomania. Currently what I am experiencing today. Let's go over the symptoms, shall we? Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity: Anxiety is low, and I don't feel like I hate myself today. I feel like I can do anything, or a billion things today. Decreased need for sleep: I woke up at 4am and [...]

The Bipolar Roller Coaster: Medications and Apps

Good Morning Team Banana Phone! It's another lovely day in the bipolar neighborhood! Today so far (because that changes like every 4-6 hours) I am pretty good. It's Rose's birthday today, so that is exciting even though we are approximately 400 miles away from each other currently. But come April, she'll be moving in with [...]

It’s Been A (Long) Ride: Warning, Giant Post

Alright, this is my first official post on Bipolaroid. I've spent way too much time making and then remaking this site. That probably has something to do with my deep issues with perfectionism, but just add that to the bin of things that are "interesting" about me. Trigger Warning: This post contains discussions of abuse, [...]